Donald at the Bat – Day 548

Day 548

We’ve learned Michael Cohen has Donald on tape,

Discussing a Playmate he laid.

Though Trump lied about it, there is no escape

Because of the tape that was made.


Discussing a payoff to hush an affair

That Trump had some ten years ago,

In 2016, why would anyone care?

(There was an election, you know.)


Though Trump liked to diddle and everyone knew,

Some voters just might have been swayed.

They might not approve of whom he chose to screw;

It’s better the mistress was paid.


Reviewing their options, by check or by cash?

Whatever would help Donald win.

We know Michael Cohen reserved a small stash,

But then, one more Pecker got in.


To wit: David Pecker, someone thought of him,

The publisher of AMI.  (1)

Trump’s pecker caused problems; Dave Pecker solved them

By making the buy for his guy.


So Dave bought the story from Donald’s playmate

And, once Pecker owned all the rights,

He just didn’t publish, refused to relate

The Donald’s adulterous nights.


So, one more affair was kept hushed for a while.

The Playmate spoke after Trump won.

Will Mueller use this tape in anyone’s trial—

Or others?  There isn’t just one.


  1. American Media Incorporated: publisher of the National Enquirer and other examples of hard-hitting, investigative journalism.