Donald at the Bat – Day 525, Justice Kennedy Retires

Day 525, Justice Kennedy Retires


Wow!  Justice Kennedy retired

And liberals have all wet their pants.

He is now eighty two and tired.

That gives the Donald one more chance

To move this court more to the right.

That’s just what Trump’s supporters want.

The Democrats say they will fight;

It’s no time to be nonchalant.


Abortion battle lines are drawn.

The right says, “No,” and left says, “Yes.”

Right wingers say, “Roe v Wade…gone!”

The liberals say, “Don’t retrogress.”

The Donald says he’ll nominate

From an all-right-wing judges list

But liberals want a candidate

More centrist; they say they’ll insist.


Now we know Donald does not care

What it might say in Roe v Wade,

For when Trump has had an affair,

He’s paid off all the gals he’s laid.

The right wing’s principles don’t drive

Whom Donald Trump will nominate,

For Trump considers “How I thrive,”

And principles are just dead weight.


It’s just self-interest that drives Trump

So, right-wing principles, no way.

Just listen to him on the stump,

He talks about himself all day.

Right now Trump is a right wing shill;

He knows he owes his win to them.

So, let the courts rule as they will;

The laws do not apply to him.


So, we’ll all watch with ‘bated breath

As women’s rights stare at their death.