Donald at the Bat – Day 526, Supreme Court Confirmation Blues

Day 526, Supreme Court Confirmation Blues


You might recall that Mitch McConnell stole the Gorsuch seat.

For, when Scalia died, Obama named a centrist judge.

But Mitch McConnell told the world the Senate would not meet

Or vote on confirmation and McConnell did not budge.


For ten months Mitch McConnell stalled until the Donald won,

So Trump could pluck a nominee out of his right wing list.

Then Trump named a conservative; Neil Gorsuch was the one.

Now this new confirmation fight has an ironic twist.


The Democrats tell Mitch, a new election’s coming fast.

Since Mitch held off before, they think he should hold off again.

Wait ‘til November, after this midterm election’s passed.

“Don’t be a hypocrite,” they say.  Mitch flashed a little grin.


The Democrat suggestion’s cute but there’s a fallacy.

In realistic terms, the Democrats are blowing smoke.

To think McConnell would be shamed by his hypocrisy

Would be like Stormy Daniels fainting at a dirty joke. (1)

  1. When Mitch McConnell is compared to Stormy Daniels, who is being insulted?  See “An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog,” by Oliver Goldsmith, 1766