Donald at the Bat – Day 524, Comedians

Day 524, Comedians


Trump doesn’t like comedians, for they make fun of him.

He cannot make or take a joke.  His humor wits are dim.

He’s good at insults, denigration, racial slurs, and such.

But when it comes to humor, Donald Trump is out of touch.


His setups are preposterous; his punch lines make us cringe.

When he’s the butt of jokes, then he goes on a Twitter binge.

The Donald’s message aims to entertain his bigot base

And that’s not funny even when he makes a funny face.


There is a lesson here; the weakness of the autocrat

Is rather universal; they all hate to be laughed at.

So Donald’s animus to Kimmel, Fallon, and Colbert,

Reminds us that a would-be autocrat is lurking there.