Donald at the Bat – Day 497

Day 497

The White House briefing yesterday made Sarah Sanders cry.

A thirteen year old asked her why our students have to die.

Mass shootings are still commonplace.  What has the White House done

To make our schools safe havens from the terror of the gun?


An honest answer would have been, “We haven’t done a thing.”

Of course, she didn’t say this but, “We’re doing everything

“We can to solve this problem,”  though we know that they are not.

The NRA is watching.  Do they fear they may be shot?


The NRA has blocs of votes just like the Christians do.

In close elections, candidates know these might pull them through.

Trump knows the NRA and Christians gave him his close win.

And he knows he will need them both if he should run again.


The Donald spent this Thursday straining all credulity.

First he announced the pardon of one more celebrity,

Dinesh d Souza, right wing pundit, broke election laws.

He pleaded guilty, showed remorse, then Trump took up his cause.


Then Donald tweeted that the “Russia Thing” was not involved

When he fired Comey, though we’ve heard Trump say that he resolved

To fire James Comey for his role in leading FBI’s

Probe of the Russian interference, looking for their spies.


And Trump told us and Russians on TV that’s why he fired

James Comey.  Now he says he didn’t and the Press conspired

To spread fake news about Trump that they all know is not true.

When Trump says one thing then the opposite, what should we do?