Donald at the Bat – Day 498, 499

Days 498, 499

This weekend is 500 days into the Age of Trump.

Our discourse coarsened just as soon as Trump went on the stump.

Mix ignorance, dishonesty, and folks to denigrate,

Will that have broad enough support to deconstruct the state?


The Congress has pulled down its pants, bent over, and stood still,

Inviting Trump to spank them?  Their effectiveness is nil.

Both Paul and Mitch, who can obstruct, have shown that they can’t lead.

Bent over, bare-assed, hands on knees, is spanking what they need?


And Trump is trashing Justice, and not just the FBI.

He’s throwing pardon power around.  The pundits question, “Why?”

Did Russians help Trump get elected back two years ago?

Though Trump will not consider that,  Bob Mueller wants to know.


So Trump’s at war with Congress, courts, and his bureaucracy.

His view of his own office is just crass apostasy.

The President thinks that his office grants immunity

For everything, including crimes; complete impunity.


The Age of Trump reflects a man who is impetuous

Whose style of governing is openly tumultuous.

He doesn’t seem to take advice or know when he ought to.

He’ll say and do most anything that he’s been told not to.


The Russia Thing

The broadest claim Trump’s lawyers make is Donald is the law,

At least while he’s in office, chutzpah like we never saw,

Not even with Dick Nixon, turning over evidence,

When the Supreme Court said he must, to his own great expense.


But we know Donald’s loyalty is to himself, not us,

Nor to the Constitution.  There is no point to discuss

His testimony or subpoenas.  Donald is the king.

(The Brits beheaded Charles the First, when he claimed the same thing.)