Donald at the Bat – Day 496

Day 496

The Trump response to Roseanne’s tweets and firing came today

And no one was surprised at what the Donald had to say.

He tweeted ABC should call him to apologize

For all the things they’ve said of him: the nastiness and lies.


The Donald is upset; the President of ABC

Had called Ms. Jarrett to apologize.  “He should call me!”

Trump did not say a thing about what Roseanne said or did,

For everything is driven by Trump’s ego and his id.


Trump knows he can’t be caught defending Roseanne’s racist views.

Besides he doesn’t seem to disagree, but that’s not news.

So he will look into himself; that’s where he’ll always look.

And there, concern for others, occupies a tiny nook.


When you sow bigotry, then you’ll reap what you have sown.

Now ABC learned this again.  They set a cornpone tone

And hired Roseanne, who they knew was a bigot.  She came through.

It’s no surprise what Roseanne did, for that’s what bigots do.


Though Sanders was afforded ample opportunity

To say that Donald Trump condemned all racist bigotry,

She chose instead to emphasize the President was right

That ABC was mean and nasty and should be contrite.


The Russia Thing

Recall Trey Gowdy, who was shown the FBI reports

On Russians in the Trump Campaign?  Trump must have wet his shorts

When Trey said that the FBI did what it ought to do

To see if Russians interfered, (and that’s a right wing view.)


Trump charged Obama’s FBI put spies in his campaign.

No evidence at all, but Trump has gone on to complain

About “Spygate” and just because it sounds nefarious.

The problem is Trump’s argument is so edentulous.


This squeezes Nunes, Ryan, and McConnell in a vise.

They know that Trump’s a liar but their ethics are on ice.

Though Nunes is Trump’s waterboy, what’s with both Mitch and Paul?

Especially Paul Ryan, leaving, no excuse at all.