Donald at the Bat – Day 491

Day 491

Is Donald good at making deals or only breaking them?

We’re out of Climate, TPP, Iran, and now with Kim,

A deal is on; it’s off, or not.  Does Donald have a plan?

(Stay in the headlines, on the news, the most important man.)


John Bolton wants regime change; we know Kim will not agree.

He built his nukes to gain respect.  Look at his family….

His father and grandfather ruled until the day they died.

Regime change?  A condition that Kim simply can’t abide.


We know Kim won’t give up his nukes, not even under threat.

And if he sounds like he agrees, he’ll hide them, a sure bet.

And he won’t give inspectors access each and every day.     

That’s like strip poker players who just strip before they play.


It doesn’t bother Trump to lie and Kim is just the same.

So, if and when they meet it will be a complex game.

When these two meet, not countries but inflated egos clash,

Two narcissists who strive to see who makes a bigger splash.


Today’s the day that Harvey Weinstein finally gets arraigned.

His sexual activities leave our whole culture stained.

There’s ninety six accusers from the movie industry

But Weinstein’s gross behavior permeates society.


Demanding sexual favors from the women they’re above

Is frequent male behavior and, emphatically, not love.

To trade sex for a job is often “just the way it is.”

And, isn’t “just the way it is,” just in the “movie biz.”


The poster boy in politics is, sadly, Donald Trump,

Whose whole life advertises how much Donald likes to hump.

He then pays big bucks so the women will not tell the tale.

Who’s leading, Trump or Weinstein, in their lifelong quest for tail?


A non-consensual sex act is a crime of dominance.

It isn’t simply bad behavior or a dalliance.

Such acts not only dominate but may humiliate.

Both physical and mental force may serve to subjugate.



The fallout from the FBI’s review of documents

Accumulated on Trump’s campaign showed no evidence

Supporting Donald’s charge the FBI embedded spies.

They did ask Papadopoulos if he knew Russian guys.


But Donald tweeted, “Everybody knows there was a spy…”

He does not mean the Russians but he means the FBI.

And, “everybody” needs translation.  Please don’t moan and groan.

It might apply to Fox and Friends or maybe Trump alone.


Of interest is the Trump supporter, Nunes held his tongue.

And even other Trump supporters, on a higher rung.

Perhaps the less inclusive meaning of Trump’s, “everyone,”

Should be adopted.  What Trump really meant was, “only one.”


It doesn’t look like we need spies to find more Russian guys.

They’re on film in Trump Tower and not wearing a disguise.

Now every week another meeting seen on video,

And often with Mike Cohen.  So how much does Michael know?


When Mueller has indicted Cohen, how bad will it be?

And will he try to cut a deal, what we call cop a plea?

Will he say Trump’s an alligator who brings his own swamp?

Or bull with his own china shop, through which he loves to stomp?


The Wall

When families seek asylum here, the Donald has decreed

That children be removed from parents, hoping to succeed

In forcing Democrats to vote for funds to build his Wall.

“Give me your tired, your poor…” (1) as pawns?  That should disgust us all.


Indeed, disgust has been expressed, so Trump blames Democrats.

But he could stop it with a tweet.  Just tell the bureaucrats.

Trump really wants to send a signal, “You’re not wanted here.”

“You ‘wretched refuse’ (2) just keep out.”  And his base shouts, “Hear, hear!”


  1. From “The New Colossus,” by Emma Lazarus, 1883, now on a bronze plaque on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.
  2. Also from “The New Colossus.”