Donald at the Bat – Day 492, 493

Day 492, 493

Trump’s TV lawyer, Rudy threw more pasta on the wall.

Will Trump sit down with Mueller?  Maybe, but he must not fall

Into a trap for perjury, for we know Donald lies.

For him the truth is relative.  By now that’s no surprise.


Their strategy for now: confusion.  Let’s investigate

The FBI and Clintons, anything to obfuscate.

Though Trump says, “No collusion,” Rudy says he can’t be sure

And neither can the Donald.  Who knows who swam in the sewer?


“And neither can the Donald?”  Did he run the show or not?

Was Donald’s campaign strategy run by some Russian bot?

Trump’s history tells us he will do anything to win.

The law’s not hindered him before and, certainly not sin.


But facts are facts and lies are lies, though Kelly Anne disputes.

And it looks more and more like Trump’s campaign was in cahoots

With Putin’s oligarchs and hackers and with WikiLeaks.

Who told them when and where to dump?  Was it RNC geeks?


So, is the summit meeting back on?  Moon and Kim have met.

A senior White House spokesman said, “Perhaps, but it’s not set.”

Trump said the spokesman isn’t real but lots of the press heard

The person say what Trump denied, so Trump’s lie is absurd.


Trump’s trashing of the Press is working with his right wing base.

He thinks that, if impeachment comes, the Congress then must face

Constituents who think that all his lies are really true,

That Mueller’s facts are really false, then Trump won’t have to stew.


When people are unwilling to inform themselves, we’re lost.

They choose a side and then defend it.  But that has a cost.

When you use your intelligence defending your belief,

Instead of searching for the truth, it brings us all to grief.