Donald at the Bat – Day 490

Day 490

James Clapper, former DNI, said in his recent book,

He gathered all the evidence and took a hard-nosed look.

And his conclusion is the Russians clearly helped Trump win.

It’s also clear that Trump would let them do it all again.


The meeting Trump demanded for reviewing evidence

The FBI informant found, still leaves us in suspense.

The DOJ now says they will include the Gang of Eight

But, after Nunes and Trey Gowdy get to contemplate.


Then, oops, the meetings to review FBI evidence

Were changed again.  Now Democrats will see the documents.

First Nunes, Gowdy, Ryan, Schiff, will go to DOJ

And then the Gang of Eight will see them (much to their dismay.)


Since what the Donald hopes to do is find out what is known

About how Russians helped him win, investigators groan.

This helps the President obstruct the job that they must do

To find out what the truth is; to which Trump just said, “Screw you.”


And one last outrage, Trump’s attorney, Emmet Flood snuck in

To listen to the evidence.  Well, where should we begin?

The impropriety just screams; Flood heard where to obstruct

And stop Bob Mueller’s data stream and case he might construct.


So Nunes and Flood can now tell Trump all that was revealed.

We’ll find out if this means the fate of Mueller has been sealed.

And how much mileage Trump can get to charge the FBI’s

Intent was just political when it sent in its “spies.”


Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize

Trump’s June 12th meeting with Kim Jong Un was called off today,

Since recently, both sides said things that weren’t so bright and gay.

Both Pence and Bolton mentioned Libya, to Kim’s chagrin.

And Kim pissed back, which pretty much explains the mess we’re in.


In Trump’s “Dear Jong” note, he referred to our huge A bomb store.

Did Trump hope Kim would wet his pants?  That’s what veiled threats are for.

We told Kim to lose all his nukes (while we keep all of ours.)

To Kim, such a condition just implies his final hours.


Standing For the Anthem

Team owners in the NFL knelt to the President.

Their players must stand for the anthem.  If they don’t consent,

They may stay in the locker room while someone sings the song.

But Donald wasn’t satisfied; he calls the protest wrong.


When interviewed on Fox (where else?) Trump said those who don’t stand

Perhaps should be kicked off the team or even leave our land.

The player’s protest is about police brutality,

Demanding dignity and not race-based fatality.


It’s clear that Trump has twisted what this protest is about.

It is redress of grievances.  We should not throw them out.

For they protest a cruel fate, almost unique to blacks,

Which Trump is not acknowledging.  Instead he twists the facts.