Donald at the Bat – Day 489

Day 489

“Investigate investigators,” Trump’s supporters cry.

“Disgraceful, Trump’s campaign was infiltrated by a spy.”

There is no evidence supporting Donald’s latest claim.

But that is Donald’s usual style: outrageously defame.


When asked what proof he had the FBI had spied on him,

Trump waved his arms and blithered as he sang his usual hymn.

He did not cite a single fact but “lots of people say,”

That once we see the documents, we’ll likely see foul play.


A brand new Special Counsel to combat the current one,

To put the FBI and DOJ under the gun.

There are just a few Republicans now making this demand—

The “rightest” of right-wingers leading Donald’s right wing band.


But where are the Republicans now willing to stand up?

So far it’s just Mitt Romney who’s consistently manned up.

We know that some of us have swallowed Donald Trump’s BS.

They’re poor, white, under-educated, rural, as you’d guess.


The rich do not believe Trump; they see opportunity

To make more money; that’s their god, not difficult to see.

In nineteen thirties Germany, the rich all backed a guy

To fight the labor unions.  The results still horrify.


Trump uses misdirection.  It’s a trick magicians use.

The purpose is distraction so you will not see the ruse.

But Mueller’s probe is not a ruse.  he’s after cold, hard facts.

And that’s what Donald fears the most, provoking his attacks.


Mike Cohen’s business partner, Friedman cut a sweetheart deal

For no jail time instead of decades.  What will he reveal?

Their New York taxi business is a Russian mobster scene.

It’s used to launder money.  Who gets screwed when they come clean?


New York’s Attorney General will cooperate with Feds.

What Friedman knows of Trump and Cohen is what Donald dreads.

The Russians also launder money buying real estate.

And oligarchs have bought from Trump.  More Russians infiltrate.