Donald at the Bat – Day 488

Day 488

The Donald’s Nobel Prize is looking shakier each day.

he’s scheduled to meet Kim in June but every week in May

Someone like Bolton says something with which Kim can’t agree.

To mention Libya was dumb.  That ended tragically.


Qaddafi gave up all his nukes and that was all she wrote.

Opponents overthrew him, something of which Kim took note.

To Muammar’s indignity, they rammed a bayonet

Straight up his ass to kill him.  That’s as bad as it can get.


We’ve told Kim to get rid of nukes.  He says that we must too

And get off of “his” peninsula.  That’s something we won’t do.

So what is left to talk about?  Comparing “button size?”

Two narcissistic bullies who have lived their lives on lies.


Though Moon of South Korea is sincere in wanting peace,

Both Trump and Kim want victory.  And…Trump might want a piece

Of the first tower in Pyongyang where the diplomats can stay.

Will he let Kim arrest them, split the ransom they must pay?


The Donald met with Moon today, took questions from the Press,

So, will he meet with Kim or not?  He left us all to guess.

There’s insufficient preparation on which to agree.

Again, will Trump meet Kim on June 12?  As Trump says, “We’ll see.”


Combatting Mueller

Trump’s war with his own DOJ may have come to a head.

He charged the probe for Russian spies had spied on him instead.

Extending Donald’s logic—if he wanted to collude—

The FBI should let him; to investigate is rude.


The meeting Saturday produced agreement to review

The findings of the FBI with Kelly, Nunes too.

Does Kelly have some honor left?  We know Nunes does not.

Informant’s names may be revealed.  Their safety may be shot.


Since Nunes worked in Trump’s transition, he knows what they did.

He knows what they must cover up, like meetings with Trump’s kid.

But now that it’s unraveling and treason’s in the air,

There’s no way to look into this that Trump will think is fair.


He seems to think that something’s wrong with catching Russian spies

Subverting our election.  (If they helped Trump, they’re good guys.)

Trump says that it’s disgraceful, looking into his campaign.

Is treason less disgraceful?  Should we ask Trump to explain?


And now we hear the meeting that John Kelly has arranged

Will only have Republicans; the Democrats, estranged.

Republicans who are attending want to interfere

With Mueller.  Democrats do not.  So, they’ll have to stay clear.


The battle lines have now been drawn: facts, justice, or just power?

Democracy, the rule of law: is this the final hour?

Did Trump’s campaign collude with Russians?  Some don’t really care,

As long as they hold reins of power.  In love and war, all’s fair.