Donald at the Bat – Day 487

Day 487

Ms. Gina Haspel was sworn in to lead the CIA.

First woman: will the President trust what she has to say?

If she tells him: in 2016 Russians helped him win,

Will Donald trust her judgement or stay like he’s always been?


Will Donald tweet displeasure as done to the FBI?

He says he wants to re-establish torture.  Will he try?

Will Gina stand and tell him, “No,” as she told us she would?

Will she tell Trump the evidence shows torture does no good?


Will Donald tell the CIA, “Destroy my enemies?”

Like Democrats, newspapers, anyone who disagrees…

Her charter covers foreign stuff like Russians, “golden showers.”

Will she refuse to aid abuse of presidential powers?


Since Trump has been at war with those who get intelligence,

And doesn’t make decisions based on facts and evidence,

We fear that any new director of the CIA

Will face enormous problems keeping Donald Trump at bay.


To illustrate: Trump’s meeting now with Rosenstein and Wray

And Dan Coats—he’s the DNI—the topic of the day

Is information Nunes wants, to likely “out” a source

Who looked in Trump’s campaign to find a Russian “Trojan Horse.”


What Trump and nunes want to do is shut Bob Mueller down.

Is Bob close to collusion?  Have Trump’s undershorts turned brown?

He’ll make the fight political.  “What Russians did, who cares?”

Is Trump hiding collusion like he’s hiding his affairs?


So Haspel, Wray, Coats, Rosenstein are up against the wall.

Trump thinks that all their agencies are at his beck and call.

They all should work for him and demonstrate their loyalty

Although a confidential source might be a casualty.


Therefore the question is now clear: whose interests should they serve?

The country’s or the Donald’s?  Everything that we observe

In both the past and present shows that Trump puts himself first.

Intelligence and evidence to Trump are just bratwurst.