Donald at the Bat – Day 486

Day 486

Prince Harry married Megan.  Now the princess and her prince

Are Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  Let’s hope they can convince

The world all races ought to love each other like they do.

Are lives as good will diplomats the future for these two?


Can our new Duke and Duchess teach us all that we are one?

One species, Homo sapiens, unique beneath the sun.

Diversity in language, cultures, and ethnicities

Should be regarded as enriching all societies.


Once art and music started forty thousand years ago,

Then spoken language and tool use, meant just one way to go—

Religion, written language, farming, cities, states emerged.

Technology made better weapons; thieving armies surged.


We march to battle waving swords and sing this battle song:

“The myths we made up are correct and myths you made are wrong.”

We really wanted land and wealth; war is armed robbery.

We also spread our genes around and mixed ethnicity.


Experimental science has come relatively late

And, with it, understanding nature, giving higher weight

To facts confirmed by evidence.  A surer way to truth?

We’re still evaluating; science is still in its youth.


Although one species, we’ve become divided since our start.

To reunite us, maybe we should go back to our art

And back to music; these two first revealed the human soul

And reach into it still today, one world-wide soul, our goal.


Since Harry’s only sixth in line, he will not be the king.

That doesn’t mean his life’s a waste, nor can’t do anything.

For he and Megan reunited peoples long apart.

Their marriage should remind us all, each has a healing heart.