Donald at the Bat – Day 485

Day 485

Statistics clear: more guns, more deaths.  Not clear: what can be done

To rid ourselves of this foul curse, the worship of the gun.

“…the right to keep and bear arms…”  We all cite this guarantee.

To have a right also requires responsibility.


The kids who shoot up schools most often bring their guns from home.

Their parents give them access, so the guns are free to roam

To kill their classmates.  That’s contributory negligence.

Is there a right to carelessness?  Let’s hear someone’s defense.


We cannot rid ourselves of guns, at least not now, not here.

But we are free to regulate; the Constitution’s clear.

Should careless folks whose kids use their guns to commit a crime

Be hauled into a court of law, be subject to jail time?


If your kids get drunk at home, drive your car, and kill someone,

Then you may have to pay a price, when all is said and done.

Both criminal and civil penalties may soon descend

For you have irresponsibly caused someone’s life to end.


If you’re religious and you let your kids get sick and die

Without a doctor’s care, then there are laws that may apply.

The law may say that you’re unfit to have your kids at all

And take the rest away from you.  A judge will make the call.


The parallels are obvious; responsibility

Has been required of all who live in free society.

There’s just no reason guns should be exempted from this rule,

Especially when that leads to death of students in their school.


Meanwhile, the President is going after women’s health.

He doesn’t need Planned Parenthood because of his great wealth.

So he’ll defund all clinics that facilitate pro choice,

Or clinics that discuss all options, silencing their voice.


So, Trump goes after birth control but won’t help care for kids.

It makes no sense to punish kids if policy forbids

Their mothers from the choice of if or when to have a child.

To stop both choice and welfare simply can’t be reconciled.