Donald at the Bat – Day 441, What’s Next?

Day 1441, What’s Next?


Republicans are doing everything that they can do

To rule as a minority; now they’ll attempt a coup.

Now Louie Gohmert files a lawsuit claiming Michael Pence

Can overturn elector’s votes; of course that makes no sense.


There is no Constitutional support for Louie’s suit.

But, that is par for Gohmert, who is held in low repute.

Since Trump is 0 for 50 in suits filed on his behalf,

That means it’s up to Louie, one whose wits are stuck at “half.”


With Gohmert’s suit laughed out of court, we’ll move on to Mo Brooks,

Who’ll challenge votes when Congress meets; at least that’s how it looks.

Brooks needs a Senator to sign; Josh Hawley says he will.

He likes obstruction, just like Mitch, so he should fill the bill.


Then, after that has also failed, what’s left for Trump to try?

Support disintegrating, everything has gone awry.

We do not think that there’s a chance that Donald will desist

And he’ll record who’s with him on his lengthening shit list.


So, after January 6, Trump will have two weeks left.

He will have tried and failed at every legal means of theft.

Will he try insurrection?  He has Proud Boys standing by.

And, who will lead the rebels?  Will Mike Flynn be Trump’s fall guy?


Noon, January 20, Biden will be President,

In spite of Donald’s efforts, of that we are confident.

And then, the job for Donald Trump is staying out of jail.

Meanwhile, that means the rest of us can finally exhale.