Donald at the Bat – Day 1442, Destruction and Obstruction

Day 1442, Destruction and Obstruction


Under Vladimir Putin’s instruction,

Donald Trump pushed the State toward destruction.

Now, Joe Biden’s job of reconstruction

May be blocked by McConnell’s obstruction.


All of Vladimir Putin’s collusion

Had led Donald to draw the conclusion

He would win but that was a delusion;

Just his sycophants shared his illusion.


With the Covid 19 still rampaging,

We all saw Donald Trump disengaging.

At the same time, Joe Biden engaging

In the war that Trump should have been waging.


We all know Donald Trump is dejected

(Since he knows that he had been rejected.)

Now, to stop Covid deaths still projected,

It’s Joe’s job to get vaccine injected.


Donald Trump is depressed and reflecting;

Why, oh why are we not genuflecting?

For, in spite of all Donald’s deflecting,

He shares blame for his Covid neglecting.


With delusions that Trump is constructing,

Perhaps Putin’s ongoing instructing,

And McConnell in place and obstructing,

Is there any hope of reconstructing?