Donald at the Bat – Day 1443, The Sex Life of Covid 19

Day 1443, The Sex Life of Covid 19


Mutation and selection: that’s what Charlie Darwin said.

And Covid 19 knows it; it’s in books you should have read.

The virus just wants to survive and can’t be blamed for that.

Mutations broaden host range, so it’s not stuck in a bat.


The virus likes to reproduce; that’s just like me and you.

And it tries everybody, like a lot of swingers do.

And it is quite promiscuous; it does it in a crowd

But won’t attend a masked ball where it knows it’s not allowed.


The virus doesn’t like to kill; that’s just an accident,

It shows “depraved indifference;” you’d say it’s negligent.

Infecting everybody, young and old, a real pervert,

Creates a chance for accidents: somebody will get hurt.


And now, new mutants have evolved; that should be no surprise.

There’s even beastiality; the prospect horrifies.

Some mink farms are infected; what will our rich ladies do?

Of more infectious mutants, Darwin says, “Well, I told you.”