Donald at the Bat – Day 1440, Trump’s Depravity

Day 1440, Trump’s Depravity


The people die and lose their jobs while Donald putts and drives.

When he’s not golfing, just for fun, he’s cheating on his wives.

He’s bothered by his golfing slice but the unkindest cuts

Were suffered as the people lost three hundred thousand lives.


He’s bothered by his slice at golf, not those unkindest cuts.

Incompetence and narcissism: diagnosis, “putz.”

The Yiddishists are arguing; is Trump a “putz” or “schmuck?”

And what of those still tuned in to the rumblings of his guts?


Distinction without difference: is Trump both “putz” and “schmuck?”

The voters thought he’s likely both and sent a firetruck.

By over seven million votes, they have thrown Donald out

And sent Joe Biden to the White House to hose out the muck.


The voters, tired of Donald Trump, rose up and threw him out.

Tired of death and starving, they punched Donald in the snout.

But Trump played golf and did not sign a bill for our relief.

Therefore, we add to “putz” and “schmuck” a narcissistic “lout.”


Trump vetoed the defense bill, stalled the money for relief.

One wonders if he might enjoy his power to cause grief.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand his deep depravity.

His main course is abuse of power: golf, his aperitif.


Does Donald understand the depths of his depravity?

Does he lack all awareness, lack all sensitivity?

McConnell, the “grim reaper,” knows the blackness of his soul.

But Donald Trump has sold his soul into iniquity.