Donald at the Bat – Day 1439b, Trump Ate A Vegetable

Day 1439b, Trump Ate a Vegetable


Trump finally paused his tantrum and he ate a vegetable;

(Six hundred dollar relief checks seem more digestible.)

The Defense Bill still stays vetoed; will Congress override?

Trump views Joe Biden’s victory akin to regicide.


Trump’s still maintaining that he won; the pundits are perplexed.

They know more tantrums are to come; what will he think of next?

Snub Joe’s Inauguration, hold a rally that competes?

Or call for insurrection: Proud Boys taking to the streets?


As Donald’s mind disintegrates, we’ll have to fumigate

Incompetence, mendacity, the wreckage of the State.

But Donald’s mental problems will still haunt us three more weeks.

While Covid deaths from Christmas and from New Year’s hit new peaks.


And, after Trump is gone, what of the poor comedians?

Will they all have to yield their places to tragedians?

Will we all be “long haulers” like some post Covid 19?

For Donald is a syndrome for which there is no vaccine.