Donald at the Bat -Day 419, Trump Goes to Georgia

Day 1419, Trump Goes to Georgia


The Donald went to Georgia for a super-spreader show,

To moan and groan about his loss and claim that he beat Joe.

And now all Georgians must await their Covid 19 bump.

How many deaths at Christmas will be due to Donald Trump?


In theory, Trump was there to help the Senate runoff race;

For both Republicans to win, they must have Donald’s base.

But really, Trump was there to fatten his own bank account.

He really doesn’t care much for the final ballot count.


For Trump has made more money since he lost than if he’d won.

Two hundred million bucks so far, and Donald’s still not done.

He keeps on sending emails out to ask us all to pay

To help expose the massive fraud, the dragon he must slay.


And, if they lose the Senate, it’s no skin off Donald’s nose.

It’s just another massive fraud that Donald must expose.

So, he’ll keep sending emails out until that well runs dry.

A loss still fills the Donald’s pockets; he’s that kind of guy.


But there’s a thorn in Donald’s ass that money can’t extract.

He is a loser; for a narcissist, a painful fact.

Now he’ll be facing charges for his criminality,

For private citizens cannot escape reality.


Now Giuliani, Donald’s lawyer, has Covid 19.

Unsurprising he’s infected, easily foreseen.

For, in Trump’s circle, fifty-three contracted this disease.

With Giuliani sidelined, who’ll help Donald spread his sleaze?


Trump owes four hundred million bucks. We’d like to know: to whom?

Is it to Russian creditors, as lots of us assume?

Will Trump, the loser in the race, lose all his wealth as well?

A loser on a porcelain throne: for Trump, that would be hell.