Donald at the Bat – Day 1420, Did You Get Wind of That?

Day 1420, Did You Get Wind of That?


Though Donald Trump is clearly wrong;

(Succinctly, Trump is full of shit.)

Republicans still sing along.

If honest, they’d have none of it.


Trump claims that he has won the vote

But Joe had seven million more.

Though Trump may whine, lie, and emote,

That will not change the final score.


And Trump lost every vote recount;

Three dozen lawsuits were thrown out,

A deficit Trump can’t surmount.

Most would conclude, Trump lost the bout.


Presenting Donald’s evidence,

We all heard Rudy breaking wind.  (1)

Just flatulence, not worth two cents,

All fraudulence on Donald’s end.


A victim of ill wind that blows,

Has Donald’s karma proved star crossed?

As we watch Donald’s growing nose, (2)

Let me ask you: who won, who lost?


(1)  On December 2, on video, Rudy Giuliani very audibly farted while making a presentation during a “hearing” before some Republican legislators in Michigan.  The reaction of the lawyer sitting next to him at the time and her subsequent statements to the press confirm Rudy’s anal exhaust.

(2)  See the story of Pinocchio, originally an Italian book published in 1883 by Carlo Collodi, illustrations by Enrico Mazzanti.  Pinocchio was a wooden puppet made by toymaker Geppetto.  When Pinocchio lied, his nose grew.  Trump has earned over 20,000 “Pinocchios” from various adjudicating bodies during his four years in office.