Donald at the Bat – Day 1421, Republican Problems with Truth

Day 1421, Republican Problems with Truth


The planet isn’t getting hot

And Covid will just go away

And Trump beat Joe (though he did not.)

Republicans all sound that way.       


This “global warming” is a hoax,

A left-wing press conspiracy.

Such fear of fossil fuels invokes

And stokes up fires for AOC.


And Covid will just disappear.

There is no cause to sing the blues.

Or maybe it was never here

Those charts and graphs are all “Fake News.”


Although Republicans did well,

There was a huge election fraud,

A fraud that’s really tough to sell,

When just Trump faced the firing squad.


The popular vote lost again,

Just gerrymanders guarantee

Republicans surviving in

Alternative reality.


But facts and truth, believed or not,

Keep pounding like an aching tooth.

Infected teeth go on to rot,

And that’s the problem with the truth.