Donald at the Bat -DAy 1422, Vaccine Summit

Day 1422, Vaccine Summit


Trump held a “vaccine summit” yesterday.

(With the Biden team excluded, by the way)

And Pfizer and Moderna were not there,

Nor Fauci, but Trump held it anyway.


Although some major players were not there,

It was quite clear that Donald did not care.

Since Donald always has to be the star.

For others to get credit, isn’t fair.


We know that Trump must always be the star,

So it was natural for him to bar

The Biden team, so he could dominate.

Trump’s loss to Joe has left an ugly scar.


The Donald always has to dominate

And we know Donald will prevaricate.

So, he spent time to tell us he had won

And therefore, should remain the Head of State.


Trump took some time to tell us he had won,

Though we all know the ballot counts are done.

The voters and courts gave it to Joe,

So Donald’s chances are now stuck at none.


The voters and the courts gave it to Joe,

So now we’re seeing how low Trump can go,

Demanding swing state votes be overturned.

But all the courts have told his lawyers, “No.”


But Trump still says votes should be overturned.

Meanwhile, his guts have churned and hemorrhoids burned.

“But what of the vaccine?” I hear you cry.

(It is the vote with which Trump is concerned.)


“Yes, what of the vaccines?” reporters cry.

Did Donald blow a chance for more supply?

Trump wants to get the credit for the speed

Of making the vaccine; please deify.



Trump thinks he should get credit for the speed.

That’s standard for the narcissistic breed.

So, should we name the vaccine after him?

Like Salk’s vaccine?  So far, no one’s agreed.


Trump wants us to name vaccines after him.

Though scientists have done it, what of them?

Decades of research brought us to this day.

While Trump is anti-science; why praise him?