Donald at the Bat – Day 1423, Texas Sues to Overturn the Vote

Day 1423, Texas Sues to Overturn the Vote  (1)


Will Texas be Trump’s Colonel Custer and lead his last stand?

The people gathered and they voted all throughout the land.

But Trump says, “Do not count the votes: mailed, absentee, or black.”

So Texas, seeking foolish glory, will lead the attack.


Or is this more like Pickett’s charge and Texas, General Lee,

Who could not break the Union lines, assaulting frontally.

Since Lee and Pickett are long gone, will we now see Ted Cruz

Rise up to join the list of fallen we see on the news?  (1)


The suit petitions our Supreme Court, “Overturn the vote,

“Put Donald in a castle and surround him with a moat,

“And cancel our democracy, ignore the people’s will.”

But there are damn few legal scholars who think our Court will.


When Pickett charged, he fought to keep the Southern blacks enslaved.

A war, six hundred thousand dead, the Union finally saved.

Trump’s minions threaten violence, will they obey the Court?

Is power for Republicans now viewed as a blood sport?


When Custer charged to steal land from Lakota and Cheyenne,

The cavalry he led was wiped out, down to the last man.

Now, who will be our Sitting Bull or Crazy Horse or Gall? (3)

Who’ll fight for our democracy?  Who’ll hear the people’s call?


And, how far will Trump and his cult go, to hang on to power?

How long will the Republicans help Donald to devour

And turn democracy to shit in transit through Trump’s gut?

Have they caught Covid?  Can’t they smell the scent from Donald’s butt? (4)


(1)  The Attorney General of Texas is filing suit to overturn the votes in four swing states that Biden won.  The suit has no legal foundation.

(2)  Senator Ted Cruz, R, Texas, has volunteered to argue the case, should the Supreme Court hear it.

(3)  Sitting Bull, a medicine man, and Crazy Horse and Gall, two Lakota chiefs, were the best known leaders of the Lakota forces that day.

(4)  Eighteen Republican Attorneys General from states Trump won have joined the Texas suit.  Trump has announced that he is keeping track of elected officials who support him.