Donald at the Bat – Day 1424, Vaccine Is Here!

Day 1424, Vaccine Is Here!


England is giving the Pfizer vaccine

And our FDA voted to do it.

Does this mean the end of Covid 19?

It’s a start but there’s still lots more to it.


We’ll need precautions to combat the spread;

Wear your mask and maintain social distance.

Compliance still spotty, piling up dead

From defiance of doctors’ insistence.


This epidemic may still last a while

From unplanned, even unforeseen factors.

Would you believe there’s still Covid denial,

Anti-vaxxers, and right-wing bad actors?


Now that his long-promised vaccine is here,

You would think Trump might get an erection.

But we’ve heard no boasting, no Christmas cheer,

Because Donald Trump lost the election.