Donald at the Bat -Day 1425, Headlines

Day 1425, Headlines


Supreme Court Justices told Texas, “Shut up; go away.”

And Pfizer’s vaccine also was approved by FDA.

Will this bring on the end of Trump and of Covid 19,

One by the voters and the courts, the other by vaccine?


The Texas lawsuit, stupid on its face, was bound to lose.

Texas can’t tell other states which candidates to choose.

They have no standing, no foundation on which they can sue.

Would Texas like some other state to tell it what to do?


But there’s a larger problem; it’s Republican support

For overturning voters’ will, each time Trump goes to court.

Eighteen Red State AGs, more than a hundred from the House

Signed on supporting Texas, the rest quiet as a mouse.


The lines are clearly drawn: one party for democracy;

Republicans have shown instead, they’re for autocracy.

And now we have to ask ourselves, “Which side will we stand on?”

We must fight for democracy or wake to find it’s gone.


Oh yes, there’s the pandemic; we are in a two-front war,

An exposition of our character we can’t ignore.

Should we consider all of us; should we just think of, “Me?”

For thinking of the good of all supports democracy.


Election and pandemic: these two put our souls on trial.

Some qualities contend that we may never reconcile.

Democracy: autocracy, a battle we can’t lose.

And science versus ignorance: to live, we have to choose.