Donald at the Bat – Day 1426, Trump’s Delusions

Day 1426, Trump’s Delusions


Trump grows more delusional, day after day.

He’s telling us all that he won by a lot.

Republicans, cowering, all fear to say

To Donald Trump, “No, I’m afraid you did not.”


The stupid and fearful, all that Trump has left;

Smart people have bailed out and pulled the rip cord.

Eighty one million votes from center and left,

Gave Biden a big win that can’t be ignored.


Trump’s filed fifty cases in courts to abort

The will of the voters, alleging some fraud.

But case after case has been thrown out of court.

Having no evidence, Trump’s cases are flawed.


So, state legislatures are now on the spot,

To cancel the votes that have been certified.

The will of the voters just flushed down the pot,

The will of the voters should thus be defied.


But, break their own laws, does Trump think they’ll do that?

And send false electors to say he had won?

Trump’s basically acting like a big, spoiled brat.

Will he ask supporters, “Come out, bring your gun?”