Donald at the Bat -Day 1427, Electors and Vaccine

Day 1427,  Electors and Vaccine


The electors we’ve chosen are meeting today,

To elect Biden president: let’s shout, “Hooray!”

And we’re starting injections of Pfizer vaccine,

To help stop the pandemic of Covid 19.


The whole nation has suffered from two maladies:

Political, medical, hence two remedies.

Trump assaulted democracy; voters fought back.

Against Covid 19, science leads the attack.


The cultists of Donald have not given up yet;

Some more blood in the streets is a logical bet.

Flag waving, protesting, Trump’s base marching, well-armed,

Ironically, people whom Trump’s policies harmed.


Trump’s been anti-science, so some people distrust

The vaccine statistics, much to Fauci’s disgust.

Trump’s been claiming credit for development speed.

Should he take the blame if the threat doesn’t recede?


And finally, people will be given a shot.

But curiously, a third of us say we may not.

Now, with masks, social distancing, and the vaccine,

We have hope of controlling the Covid 19.


Bonus today: Bill Barr was allowed to “resign.”

A rat leaving a sinking ship, ominous sign.

An incomplete sycophant, Bill saw it was time;

To keep kissing Trump’s ass defied reason and rhyme.