Donald at the Bat -Day 1428, Joe Biden Officially Wins

Day 1428, Joe Biden Officially Wins


Republican bullshit is now mostly done.

McConnell’s admitting that Joe Biden won.

And, Bill Barr is signaling he’s bailing out.

But Trump still has five weeks and more laws to flout.


Electoral college votes have been announced

And popular vote totals show Trump was trounced.

Joe Biden won by a convincing amount;

For once in his life, Trump was held to account.


But Donald’s delusions are mostly intact

And he’s shown us all he’ll deny any fact

That does not support his maniacal state.

Now, will Donald’s ego explode or deflate?


First, Louis the Fourteenth, now Putin or Kim,

And Trump’s narcissism says, “Be just like them.”

Trump cannot imagine that he just got thumped;

The would-be dictator, a loser, got trumped.


So, Donald is flailing: can’t deal with the loss.

His ego can’t grasp that he’s no longer boss.

Will Trump spend the rest of his life stuck in court?

Indicted for crimes pardons cannot abort?


And, speaking of pardons, who’s on Donald’s list?

His friends, kids, himself?  Anybody I’ve missed?

It could be embarrassing: White House to jail…

Do we think that Putin will pay Donald’s bail?