Donald at the Bat – Day 1429, Lindsey the Brownnoser (paroday to ‘Good King Wenceslas’)

Day 1429, Lindsey the Brownnoser  (May be sung to “Good King Wenceslas”)


Whose ass will brown Lindsey’s nose,

Since Trump was rejected?

We doubt that it will be Joe’s,

Though he was elected.

Biden needs to sycophants,

Hov’ring in his presence

And no fluffers to enhance

Weakening tumescence.


Lindsey hung out with McCain;

Then John died of cancer.

Lindsey could not stand the strain;

Donald was the answer.

Lindsey swallowed Donald’s lies,

Just like they were candy,

Lies that he used to despise,

Changed to taste just dandy.


We heard Lindsey change his tune;

His own lies are shameless.

He would say it’s dark at noon

And he would feel blameless.

Must he kiss somebody’s ass,

Constantly attending?

In an ethical morass,

Lindsey is descending.