Donald at the Bat – Day 1430, Computer Hack

Day 1430, Computer Hack


Though I’m not meaning to be crass,

The Russians just crawled up our ass.

There’s been a huge computer hack

And Donald Trump just let it pass.


There’s been a huge computer hack

And now, perhaps, we’ve found the crack

That let the Russkies slither in.

We think we’ve finally traced their track.


We’ve let the Russkies slither in;

When we see everywhere they’ve been,

It’s every US agency.

And Putin wears a great big grin.


It’s every US agency;

It’s worse than an emergency;

It is an existential threat,

Exposed from sea to shining sea.


It is an existential threat

But Donald Trump is not upset.

We’ve seen him let this huge hack pass.

Does Putin have Trump deep in debt?


We’ve all seen Trump let this hack pass;

Perhaps he’s just run out of gas.

He says it’s China or fake news;

Does Trump have Russians up his ass?