Donald at the Bat – Day 1431, Unfit to Govern (and Winter Solstice tribute)

Day 1431, Unfit to Govern


The Donald was unfit to govern in these modern times,

Incompetent with Covid, implicated in some crimes.

His narcissism crippled him, inventing his own facts;

Advisers disagreeing, learned they soon would feel the axe.


His ego wouldn’t let him seek or hear expert advice,

For Covid, a disaster, and our country paid the price.

Most cases of all nations and a fifth of all the dead,

The deal Trump cut with Covid would facilitate its spread.


The concept of the “good of all,” for Trump does not compute.

The people and the government are there for him to loot.

He will accept election totals, only if he won;

The only way he’ll lose is cheating by the “other one.”


The votes are in and counted and we’ve told Trump to get out.

Just Trump, his base, and those who fear him, maintain there is some doubt.

Trump was incompetent to govern in these modern times.

So now, he’ll spend his days in court, indicted for his crimes.



This year’s winter solstice is pretty much like last year

With singing and drinking filling folks with good cheer.

Why does this happen, periodically?

Because the Earth is tilted to its plane of orbit

The Earth’s axis is tilted: twenty three degrees.


The Earth’s solar orbit illuminates the north sky

Then six months later it’s the south’s turn to fry.

It’s simply envisioned, gyroscopically.

Earth’s axis of rotation, while circling in its orbit

Maintains an inclination of twenty three degrees.


And now, in December, there’s hardly any sunlight

And up north in Reykjavik the whole day is night.

But daylight’s returning, automatically.

Because the Earth is tilted to its plane of orbit

The Earth’s axis is tilted: twenty three degrees.


And so, while we’re drinking, it’s not to Jesus’ birthday

Or to the Maccabees that we toast today.

No, it is simple, astronomically.

Terrae proclinatae                               (Of the leaning Earth)

Ambitum laudamus                              (We praise the orbit.)

Venite extollamus                                (Come, let us extol)

Terram, Dominam.                               (The Earth, our Lord.)


      Stephen Baird MD