Donald at the Bat -Day 1432, My Country, ‘Tis For Me (parody to ‘My Country, Tis of Thee’)

Day 1432, My Country, ‘Tis For Me (May be sung to My Country, ‘Tis of Thee)


My country, ‘tis for me,

A bank and money tree.

Of me, I sing.

Though I’m not qualified;

I’ve cheated and I’ve lied;

Lies, I don’t even try to hide,

For, I am your king.


The Covid is Chinese;

Blame them for this disease

But don’t blame me.

To show your loyalty,

Don’t fear mortality;

We’ll get to herd immunity

If you follow me.


If you’re a witless nit

And do not give a shit

If I’m a crook.

Then you will follow me

Through moral bankruptcy

Straight down into autocracy.

I’ll be off the hook.


There’s nothing I won’t do,

Including screwing you,

If I’m your king.

I’ll rob the country blind;

That’s how my job’s defined;

My DOJ has countersigned.

That is just my thing.


Leave me at liberty

Though my iniquity,

Should have me jailed.


I’ll silence editors,

Arrest competitors,

And stiff all of my creditors;

I have never failed.


You say that I tell lies;

Whatever my base buys

Defines a fact.

The stories I may tell

May not match data well.

If you don’t like it, go to hell.

They’ll stay in my act.