Donald at the Bat – Day 1433, Trump’s Mental Maladies

Day 1433, Trump’s Mental Maladies


We’re wasting all our energies

On Donald’s mental maladies.

But Donald can’t be pacified

Since he has not been deified.


Trump tried to win with just his base,

Did not accept his loss with grace,

And went to court with empty claims

But saw each case shot down in flames.


And then in Red States, where he lost,

He asked that votes be simply tossed.

But legislatures chose to act

And certify whom voters backed.


Will Red State congressmen defy

Their oaths, refuse to certify

Electors votes as they’re required,

Confirming Donald Trump was fired?


Trump’s mental illness caused all this

And those who need an ass to kiss.

A narcissist cannot abide

A loss, a fatal wound to pride.


Trump needs bald-faced lie swallowers

And bat-shit crazy followers

To buy his moral bankruptcy

And murder of democracy.