Donald at the Bat – Day 1434, Pardon Me

Day 1434, Pardon Me


Two campaign aides, three crooked congressmen,

It’s time for Donald’s pardons to begin.

He’s pardoning his friends, that’s how it looks,

(A few assorted murderers thrown in.)


Trump’s pardoning his friends; that’s how it looks.

So Donald Trump must know a lot of crooks.

It also looks like Donald isn’t through.

These pardons will go down in history books.


It’s pretty clear that Donald isn’t through;

With all the crooks he knows, there’s lots to do.

There is himself and all his family,

His friends and family, a motley crew.


There’s Donald Trump and all his family

And Rudy is in need of clemency.

Trump’s granting to all those who stuck with him,

Indulgences, as from the Papacy.


Trump’s granting pardons if you stuck with him.

But, if you told the truth, your future’s dim.

And, even Fox News pundits were pushed out,

Since Donald has no further use for them.


Now, even those at Fox News were pushed out.

(They will not say that Trump won in a rout.)

So, if you want a pardon like Mike Flynn,

You must say Donald won without a doubt.


For those of you who would be “in like Flynn,”  (1)

Or campaign aides or crooked congressmen,

From all we’ve seen so far, here’s how it looks:

You have to lie for Trump, then lie again.


(1)  “In like Flynn,” was originally applied to the actor, Errol Flynn, a notorious Lothario.  There are other, bowdlerized attributions.  Could “Hump like Trump,” gain currency?