Donald at the Bat – Day 158 (no 156, 157), A Man Who Stands for Everything

Day 1058, A Man Who Stands for Everything


A man who stands for everything

We tell our children not to be:

We sing that we let freedom ring

But now we’re facing monarchy.

Could Donald Trump be our first king?

King of the brave?  King of the free?

“My country, ‘tis of thee,” we sing.

“God save the king?”  That’s not for me.


In 2020, will Trump cheat?

(The Russians helped him in ‘16.)

He’s asked Ukraine to help defeat

Joe Biden.  Should they intervene? 

Republican support complete—

Will they let Donald Trump off clean?

Their self-respect in full retreat,

To patriots, their stance obscene.


The Democrats say, “We’ll impeach!”

Republicans say, “Where’s the crime?”

They’ll tolerate Trump’s overreach,

All, without reason, without rhyme.

Trump’s tweets have risen to a screech,

With lies that slip and slide on slime.

Is there no line that Trump can breach,

That his base won’t back every time?


When Mitch was asked, he told us, “No,

“No matter what the House compiles,

“I will do Trump a favor, though.”

And, all the while, Vlad Putin smiles.