Donald at the Bat – Day 1055, A Momentous Day

Day 1055, A Momentous Day 


The Democrats announced impeachment for abuse of power.

Republicans met with the press so they could gripe and glower.

A second article, obstruction of the Congress, earned,

Defying all subpoenas: Donald’s ass is double burned.


Trump tried to cheat in 2020, telling the Ukraine,

“Investigate Joe Biden, for he’s giving me a pain.

“Investigate and then Zelensky gets a White House meet.”

But, so far, neither has occurred; then Trump was indiscreet.


For he invited Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister,

To visit the White House today; that’s more than sinister.

Trump’s telling the whole world that he is on Vlad Putin’s side.

From all of Trump’s behavior, that conclusion’s cut and dried.


The FBI’s IG report is out and what he found

Was that, to start investigating Donald Trump was sound.

Trump and the Russians have been buddies; that’s how they remain.

As Donald Trump has shown us all when he insults Ukraine.


The FBI made missteps but they weren’t political.

There’s no conspiracy against Trump.  That’s heretical.

It violates Trump’s orthodoxy; then Chris Wray agreed

And said if things need fixing, then he’d certainly accede.


Infuriated by the IG, Trump attacked Chris Wray,

The FBI Director.  Is there doubt that Chris will stay?

For Donald’s tweets are ominous; does Comey’s fate await?

Disloyalty to him will make the Donald detonate.


Today is a momentous day in US history;

Impeachment, in your face defiance, it’s no mystery.

Division in the country, as bad as the Civil War:

This time, democracy or king?  Just what do we stand for?