Donald at the Bat – Day 1054, Autocracy and Impeachment (parody to ‘O Tannenbaum’)

Day 1054, Autocracy and Impeachment (1)


Autocracy, autocracy,

As Trump abuses power,

Autocracy, autocracy,

We see the storm clouds glower.

Republicans all tolerate

The birth of this new potentate.

Autocracy, autocracy,

Will we let this weed flower?


Ukranians, Ukranians,

Trump needed a small favor.

Ukranians, Ukranians,

A favor just to savor.

Investigate Joe Biden, so

Your promised aid can start to flow.

Ukranians, Ukranians,

That has impeachment flavor.


Impeachment looms, impeachment looms

And Donald is objecting.

Impeachment looms, impeachment looms;

The dots are all connecting.

But Trump will not cooperate;

His lawyers won’t participate.

Impeachment looms, impeachment looms,

Trump’s strategy: deflecting.


Autocracy, autocracy,

The Congress is impeaching.

Autocracy, autocracy,

For all the laws Trump’s breaching.

This president is so corrupt,

They’re duty-bound to interrupt.

Autocracy, autocracy,

This Moby Dick needs beaching.


(1)  May be sung to “O’ Tannenbaum,” modern (1824) lyrics in German by Ernst Anschutz.  It is based on an old German folk song about a faithless lover compared to the constancy of the evergreen fir tree (Tannenbaum.)  It was not originally about Christmas, although it has now been adapted to refer to the Christmas tree. The melody is also an old folk tune from as far back as the 16th century.  Its evolution is worthy of study.  See Wikipedia.