Donald at the Bat – Day 1459, Sunday’s Demonstrations

Day 1459, Sunday’s Demonstrations


The pro-Trump demonstrations Sunday seemed less resolute,

Though some had brought their long guns (as a penis substitute.)

With fences, soldiers, and policemen, armed and well-prepared,

Did small crowds indicate that Trump supporters might be scared?


And could this mean Trump leaving with a whimper, not a bang?

Are some afraid, instead of Pence, that they themselves might hang?

They face arrests, indictments, in the future, many more.

It was armed insurrection, somewhat like the Civil War.


And some were waving battle flags of the old CSA (1)

And brought them in the Capitol, on this, their shameful day.

They broke and entered, ransacked, beat the cops until one died.

And now we know that most Republicans stayed on their side.


Should Trump be held accountable, though after he is gone?

McCarthy, Hawley, Cruz, and Nunes helped Trump run his con.

And Qanonists in the Congress might have been involved.

Now they all face expulsion, once the facts have been resolved.


One Qanonist nitwit says that she wants to impeach

Joe Biden, once he takes the oath.  Now, isn’t she a peach?

When people are that crazy, what’s the best thing we can do?

It’s obvious they can’t think straight; just listen what they spew.


They also think Christ’s on their side; but what would Jesus say?

Is this what Jesus preached to us, or have they gone astray?

Now, we know what they stand for, should we turn the other cheek?

They lie; they threaten; and they kill; they’re not the “blessed meek.” (2)


(1)  CSA, The Confederate States of America

(2)  See the Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew, Chapters 5,6,7.