Donald at the Bat – Day 1460, Failed Autocrat

Day 1460, Failed Autocrat


The Papacy is theocratic

And Putin and Kim, autocratic.

Trump tried, with his lies

To be like these guys.

He failed because we’re democratic.


Republicans are in a pickle:

Stick with Trump or show that they’re fickle.

They calculate cost

To say Donald lost.

The truth isn’t worth a plug nickel.


Since Donald Trump lost the election,

He tried to incite insurrection.

Though it makes no sense

To shout, “Hang Mike Pence,”

It game Donald Trump an erection.


There will be an investigation

Of those who assaulted our nation:

Those who planned the ops,

(Including the cops)

And money for their irrigation.


Conspirators will be uncovered;

Some Congressmen may be discovered.

And, as they’re unveiled,

They ought to be jailed,

Before we have truly recovered.


We’ve found that our nation has cancer

And Donald Trump was an enhancer.

Once Donald is gone,

Disease will march on.

Can Democrats give us the answer?