Donald at the Bat – Day 1458, Mutation, Selection

Day 1458, Mutation, Selection


Mutation, selection, mutation, selection,

The Covid 19 wars still drag on and on.

From new gene directions enhancing infections,

We doubt Covid 19 will ever be gone.


First, new variation, then new speciation,

The fittest survive; the less fit fade away.

Close host congregation speeds up propagation

So Covid’s descendents may be here to stay.


To stand in defiance of clear laws of science,

Denying the known laws of biology,

Then making alliance of mask noncompliance,

And no social distance, means your eulogy.


Conditioned by lying and therefore defying

What scientists say, choosing Trump to believe;

Such false deifying has caused massive dying,

For Nature is something Trump cannot deceive.


We know vaccination will stop fulmination

Of Covid 19, leading to a new dawn.

And Trump’s resignation and even damnation,

May be necessary so we can move on.


The Trumpist religion, promoting sedition

And hostile to science, is now killing you.

But if politicians do not show contrition,

Then we’ll go on dying; democracy, too.