Donald at the Bat – Day 1457, Impeached Again

Day 1457, Impeached Again


Now Trump has set a record; he’s impeached a second time,

And this time for sedition; it’s a foul and heinous crime.

Who ever thought a president would drive supporters wild,

Leave dead policemen in their wake, the Capitol defiled?


Now ten Republicans have joined with every Democrat,

Impeaching Donald once again, unprecedented stat.

So now it’s left to Mitch and Shumer, scheduling a trial.

If Trump’s found guilty, will that threaten him with durance vile?


But most of the Republicans still stuck with Donald Trump.

Sedition was no reason to toss Donald on the dump.

They argued insurrectionists might be enraged again;

And we can’t heal if we upset the feelings of such men.


The problem with this argument: accountability.

It tells us that they want to duck responsibility.

Some even helped the rioters fight Capitol police.

They still remain deluded, which means violence won’t cease.



These fools deny both Covid and the fact that Biden won.

That likely means that their delusions cannot be undone.

They helped defend sedition, which means they could be expelled.

That would thin out Republicans; they’re traitors who rebelled.


You can’t convert mature adults conditioned by The Lie.

If they believed the Donald, they’ll believe him ‘til they die.

They simply have to be removed like cancers are excised,

And, even from society, they’re so uncivilized.


And members of the Congress, who still kiss the Donald’s ass—

Should Hawley, Cruz, McCarthy, Jordan, Gaetz, all get a pass?

They’re asking now for “unity” since what they sponsored failed.

They fear investigation might get them expelled or jailed.