Donald at the Bat – Day 1456, Onward! Christian Rioters (parody to ‘Onward! Christian Soldiers’)

Day 1456, Onward! Christian Rioters  (Sing to Onward! Christian Soldiers)


Onward! Christian rioters, storm the Capitol.

Overturn Electors; that’s our holy goal.

Donald’s our Messiah, Democrats the foe,

Forward into holy battle, see Trump’s banners go.

Onward! Christian rioters, marching as to war,

With the name of Donald, going on before.


Assassinate Pelosi; and then hang Mike Pence

For supporting voters; they have no defense.

Not afraid of dying, not afraid to kill,

Christians, join our revolution; this is not a drill.

Onward! Christian rioters; come join our holy war.

To hell with elections: time for blood and gore.


Donald Trump’s our president, our Messiah too.

He’s the Lord’s anointed, calling for a coup.

We must fight the evils of our democracy,

For our leader is demanding a theocracy.

Onward! Christian rioters; what is the greater sin?

To kill a policeman or let Biden win?