Donald at the Bat – Day 1455, Insurrection

Day 1455, Insurrection


How much of all our problems come from white supremacy?

How much is racial bigotry?  How much just lunacy?

How much from plain stupidity, believing Donald’s lies?

And how much is dishonest, partisan, obduracy?


We know that Donald’s base is quite susceptible to lies.

In cults of personality, that’s not a big surprise.

Historically, their victims are the black folks and the Jews,

Their bigotry, a well-plowed field for lies to fertilize.


Historically, white bigots lynched the Negroes and the Jews,

But anyone not white and Christian just might light their fuse.

What makes it even worse is if the “other” wants to vote.

Results in Georgia’s Senate race, the last straw on the news.


A black and Jew both won in Georgia’s runoff Senate vote.

Trump’s base of white supremacists all felt unjustly smote.

The next day, and at Trump’s behest, the Capitol was sacked.

Then stupid bigots used the social media to gloat.


Trump, Brooks, and Giuliani spoke; the Capitol was sacked.

A Capitol policeman died because his skull was cracked.

A hundred forty Congressmen seemed unmoved by the threat.

Republican excuses suggest a seditious pact.


Republicans, more than a hundred, just shrugged off the threat.

Is that because they need Trump’s base and know they’re in their debt?

Sedition, insurrection, yet they all remain unmoved,

Almost as if they’re saying, “Folks, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”