Donald at the Bat – Day 1454, Donald Must Go

Day 1454, Donald Must Go


Trump now must face impeachment one more time:

Inciting insurrection, federal crime.

Republicans in Congress went along;

Trump leaving just begins to right this wrong.


Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley led the Senate fight

That kept the Congress up late in the night.

When Congress certified the voters’ will,

For Donald Trump, it was a poison pill.


And, Twitter has cut off the Donald’s tweets.

They fear his lies will mean blood in the streets.

Now Google, Facebook, others follow suit;

The threat of violence is so acute.


Trump and his base cannot believe they lost.

Their failure leaves the country tempest tossed.

Some rioters, arrested, rest in jail.

Do you think Donald Trump will pay their bail?


Will Trumpist Congress members pay a price?

Sedition they committed should suffice.

The Constitution says to throw them out,  (1)

For all the federal laws they chose to flout.


Our nation has a huge, malignant mass,

With Trump, a boil that festered on our ass.

We’ve lanced the boil but now need surgery

Before we turn this page of history.


(1)   14th Amendment, Section 3.