Donald at the Bat – Day 1453, A Sonnet for the 25th Amendment

Day 1453, A Sonnet for the 25th Amendment


Now, what should Trump’s rejected fluffer do?  (1)

This fornicator must be brought to heel.

Will Mike Pence see that Donald gets his due?

An abscess must be drained; then it can heal.


What punishment is due to Donald Trump?

It must be harsh; no punishment’s too rough.

If this were bridge, then Donald’s out of trump;

Whatever Mike Pence leads, Trump cannot ruff.


Republicans are still afraid of him.

In public, they’ll say Trump’s their favorite son.

And most of them will sing the Trumpist hymn.

But, might Trump now be an eclipsing sun?


Trump sent a mob to storm the Capitol

And five are dead; their crimes are capital.


(1)  As Casey Stengel used to say, “You could look it up.”