Donald at the Bat – Day 1452, Outvoted, Demoted

Day 1452, Outvoted, Demoted


Outvoted, demoted,

Donald Trump must leave town.

Defeated, detweeted,

His accounts were shut down.


Denying, defying,

Numbers Trump won’t believe;

Deflated, castrated,

Nonetheless, Trump must leave.


Defeated, depleted,

Donald still won’t concede.

Rejection, ejection,

Means Trump has to accede.


Trump’s lazy and crazy;

He was bad at his job.

By bleating and tweeting,

Donald stirred up a mob.


By smashing and bashing,

They trashed our Capitol.

Their looting and shooting,

Made their crimes capital.


Affrighted, indicted,

When he’s out in the cold,

Derision, or prison,

What does Trump’s future hold?