Donald at the Bat -Day 1449, Donald’s Riot

Day 1449, Donald’s Riot


Donald Trump has incited a riot;

There’s no way anyone can deny it.

It’s an open and shut insurrection,

Just because Donald lost re-election.


Donald Trump is depending on nitwits,

Those whom he could provoke into shitfits.

In this morning’s newspaper edition,

Editorials call it “sedition.”


Did it give Donald Trump an erection,

To provoke yesterday’s insurrection?

Seeing crowds he incited by baiting,

Was Trump watching TV, masturbating?


Do you think that Vlad Putin is smiling

At the government Donald’s defiling?

At our state Donald Trump’s deconstructing,

And the Congress that he is obstructing?


Both the Hawley and Cruz demonstrations,

One could argue, require resignations,

If they stay, I would make these refinements;

They should get no committee assignments.


And for Donald?  It’s time for removal

As well as those who give their approval

Of what emanates from Donald’s colon,

(Like the crap the election was stolen.)


For Trump’s crazy base, are there solutions?

Like marooning them in the Aleutians?

For their riotous participation,

Like a cancer, they need extirpation.