Donald at the Bat – Day 1450, Trump Must Go

Day 1450, Trump Must Go


It’s time that we told Donald Trump to pack his bags and go.

And even if he doesn’t pack his bags, he still must go.

It’s 25th Amendment time; impeachment takes too long.

Why not arrest him for sedition?  He’s done  grievous wrong.


He stirred a mob to violence; they stormed the Capitol.

The five deaths that resulted mean their crimes are capital.

They drove the Congress from its work; policemen were attacked.

And they cried, “Revolution!”  That’s sedition; that’s a fact.


And Rudy and Don Junior and Mo Brooks should all be jailed.

They all incited violence; even though their coup has failed.

Expel Mo Brooks from Congress; Rudy ought to be disbarred.

Don Junior will be pardoned; still let’s come down on him hard.


Trump’s proven he’s unfit to serve; all thinking folks agree,

(Although some servile sycophants and crazies disagree.)

The 25th Amendment tells us what we have to do.

But Mike Pence says that he’s opposed; he won’t give Trump his due.


Since Pence is on Trump’s shit list now, what does he have to lose?

Stay servile or be ethical?  Now which path will he choose?

Since he is leaving office with a brown stain on his nose,

It means that his career is done, as Mike Pence surely knows.


Is retribution, like revenge, a dish that’s best served cold?

There’s deep rot in this country; millions of souls have been sold.

So, let’s start with the Congress, with McCarthy, Nunes, Gaetz,

Jim Jordan and Mo Brooks must go; they’ve richly earned their fates.


And then, of course, Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz must be excised.

They both want to be President, ambition undisguised.

Their votes ignored the People’s will, those whom they want to lead.

They must be cast on desert sand; they’re both an evil seed.


The leaders of Republicans do not mind telling lies,

Repeating Donald Trump’s big lies of every shape and size.

Though Graham and McConnell found a conscience yesterday,

Do not forget that these two kissed Trump’s ass along the way. 

Do not forget: repeating lies makes monsters seem okay.